I have been involved with the construction industry, “hands on”, almost all of my life. My first job was in a lumber yard when I was in the 8th grade where I started out loading lumber and later driving trucks to construction sites. In college, I majored in Architecture, graduated from UT in Architecture in 1968 and then returned to work as a carpenter.Allen Seale, Austin Architect I continued as a contractor in remodeling of residential and commercial spaces for several years after graduation.

I became licensed as an Architect in Texas in 1986. I have worked on a wide variety of projects over the years in residential and commercial projects involving both new and remodel construction and design. My personal building experiences have allowed me to appreciate the those who actually do the building and I often approach a project from this perspective. I understand the problems and pitfalls that await those who are considering a building project as well as the sometimes ungainly structure of architectural committees as well as city building codes.

My specialty has been to quickly and efficiently solve problems on-site by listening to the client, assessing the site conditions and making quick sketches to graphically describe potential options until a solution is reached. In my opinion, solutions need to be practical, “buildable” and within budget. I believe I can help any client whether this be a builder, homeowner or commercial tenant in situations where a design development problem requires an independent approach.