Quality of Life in Remodeling

When we first buy a home, we accept the circumstances of the spaces, the environment, the circulation, the views and the relationships between them. Even though we made certain compromises, we found that it met our needs at the time. As time passes, the compromises start to erode from our original needs and we begin […]

City of Austin Building Permits

I understand that the City of Austin is finally catching up on the backlog of pending permits. KXAN had an article on their website where they explained what has happened in the last few months.  If you are considering a remodel or addition to your home,  I suggest you take the time to go to […]

All Homeowner Resources

Here is a series of articles to help you know what to look for and expect during a project. Stay tuned as we will be adding more on the below topics during the next several weeks and months. Design Development Process How To Get A Good Estimate What Are Contract Documents Contract for Construction What […]

Moisture Management Issues in Central Texas

It is generally recognized that the soils that underlay most houses and buildings in Central Texas are, moisture-sensitive clays. There are dozens of sub-categories of these clays but the major characteristic all have in common is that they shrink when drying out and swell when taking-on moisture. These clays behave this way whether they are […]

Homeowner Resources

One of the continuing features on my website will be adding articles to my resources page. The latest entry is titled “Contractor Disclosure Statement” and covers the vital information that you need to receive from your contractor. It details your rights, responsibilities, and risks in this transaction. Certainly a valuable document to understand. You can […]

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Mt. Bonnell in Austin

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