Consultant Goals

What Can We Accomplish?

  1. Answer questions about your building needs and initial concepts. We will very often discover some very useful new ideas and money saving concepts along the way.
  2. Develop sketches to help describe your idea to your builder or Architect. You keep the sketches and use them as you need them.
  3. Discuss ways to select and manage the building contractor, sub-contractors, Architect or design-builder.
  4. Examine scheduling problems in remodeling while you occupy and seek solutions to ease the potential for inconvenience and intrusion.
  5. Examine your site for conditions that may need special consideration in your design concept that may cost you more than you thought.
  6. Consider how local building codes, sub-division covenants and regulations may apply.

Why Hire A Consultant?

This consulting service is designed to provide you with information about your building project at a price you can afford and without feeling obligated.

Hiring someone who is qualified who can come to visit you at the site of the project who has nothing to gain one way or another about the outcome can be the best money you spend on the entire project.

Remodeling an existing structure is very often the best option but if done improperly can become more expensive than a new home.

Getting a good contractor is important, but signing a good contract is the key to success. A poorly written construction document as important as this can easily lead to future financial problems. Knowledge is your greatest asset.