Sample Report #3: Design Development

This project called for review of owners previous sketches and an assessment of existing spaces. The primary goal was to replace the existing utility room with a much larger storage and utility room that would hold yard equipment as well as normal utility supplies. Previous plans cut off the view from the breakfast area to the rear yard and did not provide adequate access to the kitchen from the rear yard.


May 15, 2001
Austin, Texas 78735

The lot is Lot 59, Block Q, located (removed), a single family 2-story residence. The lot is relatively flat with drainage toward the rear corner away from the house. The structure is relatively new and although I did not perform a complete inspection the building shows no obvious structural problems or deterioration.

Plot planThe owner had preliminary plans to add an extension to the rear of the home creating additional utility and storage space. We examined the existing conditions and determined that it would be preferable to extend the breakfast area past the utility room extension to allow for a better view of the rear yard and to create side door access toward the exterior concrete patio. The width of the breakfast area was widened and the utility room extended to the edge of the existing rear window frame.

The rear of the 2-story house is a vertical flat plane and causes little difficulty in attaching the addition to the existing structure. It appears that a simple shed style roof will work so long as the addition does not exceed the 16 feet shown and the top of the roof does not exceed the height of the existing upstairs window ledge.

General Notes:
Utilities, HVAC, water supply are available to the addition. Water drainage will continue toward the rear of the property. Existing concrete porch shall be removed and new foundation installed as shown. HVAC assessment should be obtained to determine are flow requirements and venting of the utility area. It is recommended that a sink be added to the utility room and that a 3/4 inch “step-down” be incorporated into the new slab in the utility room to prevent water leakage from entering the residence. If possible include a new floor drain in the new plans.

Revised planMaterials for the addition will match the materials of the existing house including matching brick extension to the side wall, matching roof materials, matching exterior rear siding and matching paint. No extensions of the structure to either side yard are being considered in this project.

Provide a concrete porch area at the rear door with roof covering and electrical outlets and lighting. Provide additional electrical outlets to exterior walls and a light in the exterior closet.

To facilitate keeping dogs out of the majority of the rear yard but still allow them a place to stay close to the house, provide a second 4′ high fence wrapping around the new addition and along the rear of the Latin deck then connecting at each end to the existing fence at the property line(s). Add a small closet with door to the patio deck for BBQ storage and concrete steps and landing leading into the new extended breakfast area.

This plan allows for the addition of the utility area without removing any view from any existing rooms and gives direct access to the kitchen. The existing utility room that is not shown in this plan can now be converted into a large pantry closet for kitchen utility and food storage.