You were a great help in consulting with us regarding the potential lawsuit we were contemplating against XXXXXX sunrooms. You were very concise and clear.
– S. M.

You had a great idea and I am still enjoying the work.
– No Name

We think you worked really well with us. You listened to what we wanted and you incorporated it all! Your ideas were right on and we are glad we went with you. We have a lovely home thanks to you!
– No Name

We learned a great deal from the original consultation as well as the final drawings and sketches for the proposed floor plan. We would definitely consider working with you again on future projects.
– Revive, Inc.

Thanks again Allen. The wall is finished and it looks great. Come by and see it when you can.
– Peg N.

You gave us a good understanding of how to proceed with our bathroom project. We finally adapted what you had designed and are very happy with the results.
– R.

Something good was your recommendation to build the new wall in line with the existing wall which we did not plan to do, but did at the last minute and we are very happy we did. We also installed the sliding door instead of a regular door connecting our dining room to the adjacent store room and that has worked out much better.
– No Name

I could not have done the remodel without you! I particularly appreciated the “hand-holding” and close supervision you provided as well as your “design-related” recommendations for enlarging the back bathroom and opening up the front entrance hall and living room. I love everything done to the house and do not regret any of the decisions we made. I also take great comfort in knowing that you made sure everything was done just right. Your services were well worth the money and exceeded my expectations in every way. I would not a change a thing about you or how you do business.
– J.D.

I rate your work as 10 out of 10! We enjoyed working with you and your very good ideas.
– No Name

We appreciate the accurate measurements the first time, but cost and schedule were above our original expectations, however, we appreciated your creative solutions.
– E.D

We were very happy with your creative ideas and designs.
– No Name

I appreciate the good work done on the original consulting session and the report. Great job Allen. Thanks so much.
– J.J.

Thank you for sending us such a complete package to send to the Architectural Control Committee.
– F.

We liked your rapid assessment of what works now what is possible at any price vs. what is possible within our budget. We like your immediate ideas which were significantly beyond those which we had invented.
– R.K.

We appreciated your fresh viewpoint, creative thinking which were well beyond our original concepts, your commitment to aesthetics and good design principles. You integrated our existing environment with your great design concepts and managed keep us within budget. Designing with a focus on “flow of spaces” within the home was important for our every day living. More importantly, you helped us prune the tree of design decisions which were not going to work. We were also impressed with the speed of service and delivering your report the same day so we could immediate decisions.
– R. & C.K.

Great insight on possible troubles. All went well!
– No Name

We just finished with the pool renovations. Right now we are using your suggestion on designing and figuring the staircase. We are using the straight run you suggested and we are managing to do most of it ourselves.
– L.W.